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Announcing our 2023-2024 National Sponsor - Tropicsurf

We are incredibly happy to announce that for our 2023-2024 season we now have our first annual major sponsor - Tropicsurf.

We were approached by Tropicsurf founder/director, Ross Phillips, earlier in 2023 to find out more about what we did and how we were funded. Ross, based in Noosa QLD, had already attended a DSA event on the Sunshine Coast and after a few discussions got back to us and offered to come onboard as a National Sponsor.

When asked what prompted him to reach out to us Ross replied...

"Volunteering at a DSA day on the Sunshine Coast, I shared a ride with a young girl on my board who (sadly) had no arms, no legs, was blind and also deaf. Despite her obstacles, she could still FEEL the rush of the ride at a very visceral level in her body. So much so that she giggled and shook with joy all the way to the beach. Talk about choking up. I will never forget that moment ever. Surfing has been good to me personally and also good to our business Tropicsurf. DSA experiences remind me of just how blessed I have been in my life to travel, surf and enjoy the ocean with so much freedom. The way in which DSA shares the kind of stoke that I can too easily take for granted is a credit to them. I cannot think of a better organisation for us to support."

Thank you Ross and Tropicsurf, your support means so much to the DSA!! Find out more about Tropicsurf at

If you want to find out more about how you can support or sponsor the DSA visit our website now and get in touch.


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